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Vacancy rates tracked by Real Data (improved) or (weakened) over the last period ... Asheville 7.1% ... Charleston 10.3% ... Charlotte 5.7% ... Columbia 8.2% ... Greensboro/WS 6.0% ... Greenville/SPG 8.6% ... Nashville 7.6% ... Norfolk/VaBeach 4.2% ... Raleigh/Durham 6.4% ... Richmond 6.0% ... Wilmington 7.5%

Rental rates tracked by Real Data (rising ) or (declining) in last period ... Asheville $1,192 ... Charleston $1,384 ... Charlotte $1,229 ... Columbia $1,096 ... Greensboro/WS $937 ... Greenville/SPG $1,064 ... Nashville $1,337 ... Norfolk/VaBeach $1,1127 ... Raleigh/Durham $1,223 ... Richmond $1,160 ... Wilmington $1,166



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  • The Greensboro-WS report will be available October 30th...We apologize for the delay..

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    The net change in occupied units within comparable communities within a specific time frame.

    All averages are weighted based on the number of units.

    Construction Status
    Completions are net total number of units completed less any units demolished or converted to condominiums since the previous survey period; Starts are any units that have begun construction since the previous survey period; Proposed are any units that have reached an advanced stage of the planning process. Under-Const. are any communities that have begun construction, but not completed any units yet; Additions Under-Construction are communities with some units completed and additional units under-construction.

    Lease Rate
    The current market rate being quoted by the apartment community. Lease specials that are incorporated into the monthly rental rate are included in rent. Typically, rent specials that are prorated over the term of the lease (i.e. the monthly stated rental rate has been reduced) will be reflected in the lease rate. Any concession/specials that are not factored into the states rental rate are described in the concession remarks for each individual community and are available on the SourceCD.

    Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)
    A geographical region defined by the US Census Bureau.

    Rent/CPI Index
    The percentage change in rent above the inflation rate as measured by the Consumer Price Index.

    Rent Change
    Net change in quoted rents of pre-existing communities. New units completed since the previous survey period are not included in this calculation although new units are included in all other rent calculations.

    Square Footages
    Heated square footage; if there are varying sq.ft. for similar units, then an average may be used.

    Conventional communities are all those that are not subsidized, tax-credit or student oriented. Subsidized units are not included in this report; Tax-Credit communities are those developed through the state’s ‘tax-credit’ program; Student-Oriented communities are those catering to the student housing market and rent by the bedroom versus the entire unit.

    calculated on units that are physically unoccupied.

    The number of apartments that participated in the current survey. Over 95% of all communities participate.

    Update 9/1/04