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Vacancy rates tracked by Real Data over the last period ... ... Charlotte 4.9% ... Greensboro/WS 3.4% ... Norfolk/VaBeach 2.5% ... Raleigh/Durham 5.0% ... Richmond 3.8%

Rental rates tracked by Real Data over last period ... Charlotte $1,375 ... Greensboro/WS $1,062 ... Norfolk/VaBeach $1,301 ... Raleigh/Durham $1,345 ... Richmond $1,248



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  • The latest Norfolk report will be available for download on Monday, May 30th.

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    Updated January 5, 2019

    Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point

    The average vacancy rate is now just 3.3%

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    North Carolina Report


    Rent growth remains strong, with the average rental rate at $1,494 per month.

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    Virginia Report

    Vacancy rates remain low, despite historically high new development and supply growth.

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