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Vacancy rates tracked by Real Data over the last period ... ... Charlotte 6.9% ... Greensboro/WS 4.4% ... Norfolk/VaBeach 3.0% ... Raleigh/Durham 5.0% ... Richmond 3.8%

Rental rates tracked by Real Data over last period ... Charlotte $1,274 ... Greensboro/WS $980 ... Norfolk/VaBeach $1,195 ... Raleigh/Durham $1,345 ... Richmond $1,248



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    Real Data tracks the multi-family apartment markets in the major metro markets of the Southeast. We are one of the few publishers of apartment statistics based on 100% market survey versus sample data. We track statistics on multi-family units in North Carolina and Virginia, which gives our subscribers the most extensive data set of comparable apartment statistics available. The market studies are published semi-annually on each market's vacancy, rental rates, development and absorption trends.

    Charlotte(3/2021) 6.9% $1,274 86(5) Find Apartments Research
    Greensboro/WS (4/2021) 4.4% $980 97(4) Find Apartments Research
    Norfolk-Va.Beach (5/2021) 3.0% $1,195 100(2) Find Apartments Research
    Durham (8/2021)
    5.0% $1,345 104(1) Find Apartments Research
    Richmond (6/2021) 3.8% $1,248 98(3) Find Apartments Research
    Market Rank : Real Data scores each market based on its occupancy, employment growth, development pipeline, demand and rent growth. A higher score is more favorable with scores typically ranging from 90-95. In parentheses is the markets rank based on its score among the cities tracked by Real Data. Note each market's score is as of its survey date and its actual market conditions may have changed since that time.

    Real Data is no longer tracking Asheville, Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Nashville or Wilmington. If you are interested in an older report for one of these markets please contact us at (704)369-2345 to make arrangements.

    Updated August 15, 2021

    Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill

    The average rental rate has increased to $1,345 per month.

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    North Carolina Report

    Greensboro WinstonSalem

    The Triad apartment market is weathering the pandemic well with vacancy rates unchanged from a year ago and strong rent growth in the past six months

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    Virginia Report

    Vacancy rates have been on the rise as supply growth reaches historical highs with most development concentrated in the city core.

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